This is a Highly Trusted Business Referral Network

To join, please download our Chrome app for your PC or Mac. This free app will:

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  • Form a trusted business referral and introduction network around you
  • See other people's trusted connections and ask for a referral
  • Speed up LinkedIn by 300%
  • Use My Most Trusted CIRCLES to replace whatsapp groups
  • Separate trusted LinkedIn connections from ordinary connections
  • Get a LinkedIn CRM/ prospecting tool
  • Get additional features like quick message templates for LinkedIn, super-fast LinkedIn invitations, connection messages and tracking

Once installed just follow the instructions. The video below explains.

Privacy Policy

The data in this app belongs to you, not us. We temporarily make use of this data only for the functional and clear purposes of this app. This data cannot and will not be given or sold or leased or rented to any third party for any reason whatsoever. No third party adverts will ever be shown. Welcome to the REAL Trusted Network

Here's How it Works

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